About Us

Gameel* Designs is a graphic design collective that specializes in design and social media management for small businesses. We are there when you are just starting out, as well as when it is time to grow and re-imagine the look of your business.

Gameel* Designs was founded in 2011 in Egypt by one of our Lead Designers, Kymberlie Fleming. It started as a creative outlet during the Arab Spring, in which Kymberlie would drag home pieces of furniture from markets to re-design, and hand mix paint colors. Once back state side Kymberlie continued re-imagining vintage pieces, exploring the use of color, and expanded her skills into the graphic design realm. Today Gameel is a multi-faceted design company that offers Interior Design and Graphic Design services in California.

*Gameel (Gah-meal) is Arabic for beautiful.


Our Designers:

Kymberlie Fleming
Laura Schickman